My Background

My name is Darlene Chilson but my students call me 

“Miss Darlene.”

I successfully passed the final level of piano performance and theory at the Royal Schools of Music in London. 

I am a member of the Boulder Area Music Teacher’s Association. I have taught piano for many years and have a long history as a church organist.

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My Students

I accept all levels and abilities but young children need to be at least 5 years old. Parents must realize that younger students require more parental involvement.

It is important that students have a piano or an appropriate keyboard on which to practice. Please click on the “Helpful Info” Link at the top of this page and then on "Choosing the Correct Instrument"  for information and guidance on selecting a proper piano or keyboard.

Note: Group photo on the right is from my 2019 Spring Recital.

Miss Darlene's Piano

My Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching piano and my goal as a piano teacher is to share my own love of music and cultivate a love for music in everyone I teach. 

My job is to assist each student in acquiring technical skills, intellectual know-how and artistic sensitivity at the piano so that they become lifelong learners and lovers of music.

I find that praise and encouragement are the keys to achieving this. When the student wants to do as good a job as possible and when they enjoy the music they are playing, then practicing at home becomes more fun.

I try to keep learning the piano fun for the students. One lesson a month is Theory & Game Day where we do fun activities that enhance their learning experience.

At each lesson I ask students to review a song they learned previously so they are not always playing “new ground.” I also encourage discovering the many types of music from classical to blues.