What does my piano tuition pay for?

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Details about the cost of piano lessons

Learning to make music enriches our lives. When you take piano lessons you are learning a skill that can last a lifetime.

No price can be put on learning the art of music. However, obtaining that skill requires help and guidance from a professional music teacher.

I have chosen to make music my business and my occupation. Like any business, my fees are calculated to provide the highest quality product and enough profit to continue operating.

What does my yearly tuition cover?

 My Training and Experience

  • Successful completion of final level of piano performance and theory at the Royal Schools of Music in London
  • Over 10 years teaching piano
  • Over 30 years as a church organist

A Day and Time in My Teaching Schedule

  • Time reserved specifically for each student

Lesson Materials

After the initial set of lesson materials purchased by new students, tuition includes all regular lesson materials which may be any of the following… 

  • Lesson Books
  • Technique Books
  • Theory Books
  • Performance Books
  • Fun Books
  • Technical Exercise Books
  • Assignment Binder

Time Preparing for Each Student

  • Developing lesson plans appropriate for each student
  • Researching and ordering music
  • Trips to music stores in Lafayette and Ft. Collins
  • Transcribing and creating simplified versions of music requested by students
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling

Professional music journals estimate that for every 30–minute lesson students are actually receiving one hour or more of the teacher’s time.

Recital Costs and Preparation Time

  • Stock recital music
  • Recital programs
  • Refreshments
  • Facility rental
  • Service helpers

Business Expenses

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Website 
  • 15.3% self–employment taxes
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Studio property insurance
  • Teacher’s liability insurance
  • Computer expenses
  • Printing and copying
  • General office expenses
  • Teaching materials
  • Piano maintenance
  • Shipping for music
  • Treats and prizes for students
  • Internet access
  • Student WiFi

Professional Memberships

To enhance my teaching skills and provide each student with the lessons best suited to them, I am a member of these professional organizations…

  • Music Teachers National Association
  • Colorado State Music Teachers Association
  • Boulder Area Music Teachers Association

How is my piano tuition calculated?

  •  My annual expenses plus my annual expected income are added together.
  • This amount is divided by the expected number of students.
  • This per student amount is divided by 12 to find the monthly tuition.
  • The result is a level monthly tuition amount regardless of the number of lessons each month.

If you have questions or concerns about your tuition, please click here to contact Miss Darlene